Cleaning up your living and work spaces can make you fall in love with them all over again You once loved your living or work space. Now you’re just acquaintances. But where did all the love go? It wasn’t difficult. Lack of attention is always the culprit in any loving relationship. An active life can leave you too busy to attend to basics. An unattended space gets disorganized, cluttered and in need of a good cleaning, more than the usual upkeep. Falling out of love with it seems inevitable, but with some work, and some renewed contribution, you can revitalize your relationship with the spacesRead More →


There seem to be more reasons to avoid house cleaning than to do it, but did you know your life may just depend on it? You may have heard house cleaning is important to your overall well-being, but did you know its neglect is hazardous to your health? Here are 7 ways it may be a life and death proposition… 1. The closet door won’t close, releasing the closet monster We’ve all known him. The dreaded closet monster. And, while some may remember him under the bed, clutter there may have yet forced him to live in the closet. If clutter doesn’t allow you toRead More →


You love your pet, but when it comes to cleaning… To owners of them, pets can do now wrong. Or can they? Let’s face it, as fulfilling as they are in our loves, the messes left behind can be downright frustrating. Cleaning furniture, carpeting, upholstery, wood floors, becomes a priority. How do you achieve balance, stay neat and clean, and handle messes and other small disasters when they occur? Take advice from an expert. Take advance measures It can be said that the best way to handle a disaster is to plan so no disaster happens. With pets this applies to the accidents they mayRead More →


Now is not a time for resolutions. It is a time to implement them and make a fresh, clean start. New Year’s is a time people think of starting fresh, a new beginning, a clean slate. Resolutions are so easy to make but sometimes, various factors stand in your way fo keeping them. It is seldom lack of “will power” which creates failure, but more of obstacles that block it getting done. And, cleanliness and organization or both work and living spaces are among some of the biggest block. Here are 3 ways they can help. 1. Messy spaces slow you down Disorganization alone isRead More →

The holidays bring joy, fun activities and visitors but leave no time for housekeeping. A messy affair indeed. It’s a tradeoff. You love the holiday season yet can’t seem to keep up with housekeeping. This is compounded by extra “stuff” lying about: presents, giftwrap, decorations, etc. Just when the place seems a wreck until New Year’s, along comes 3 hacks to stay clutter and dirt free all season long. 1. Pre-shopping and gifting purge So much new stuff coming into the house but no plan where to put it all is a recipe for a holiday clutter backlog and a messy house or apartment. ARead More →

by Frank Sardella Staff Writer, AQC Allergy sufferers have witnessed allergens in their environment, but are some lurking undetected? You use hypoallergenic everything. You take every precaution you can imagine. Yet still you find yourself taking allergy meds for relief. Maybe the problem isn’t what you can see, but what you can’t see. For, despite your best efforts to clean, within the limits of a stressful and action-packed life, there still lurk allergens in those places you never thought to look, much less clean. Where can allergens hide from view in your home? Literally this can be anywhere from under the carpet to on topRead More →

by Frank Sardella Staff Writer, AQC Cleaning, your house, apartment or office may seem like a mere necessity, but it’s hidden ripple effects can be seen in your personal or business life! Did you ever experience the feeling of relief you get when you complete some long-overdue cleaning in a space that, perhaps, has been neglected? Even if it was a closet or just your desk, there is a euphoric sensation that actually comes from it. That being said, have you ever considered how that can carry over to the rest of your life? Certainly you have heard or experienced that your state of mindRead More →